CGCW Reducing Our Environmental Impact
Central Garage Car Wash is committed to providing exceptional resources to get your car clean and provide lasting protection from the elements. In addition to providing a car cleaning experience that is second to none, we are also taking steps to protect the environment. At CGCW, we have incorporated a technologically advanced water reclaim system...
Free Vacuum
Central Garage Car Wash has made a good thing even better. Get the superior clean you and your car deserve. When you purchase a premium full-service wash you will get free vacuum tokens to get your interior clean. With our 3 horse power dual motor vacs you will clean even those hard to reach areas....
Double Your Clean
Central Garage Car Wash has just made a good thing twice as good. Starting in June, we have not only upgraded equipment, improved your quality cleaning solutions and offered free vacuum with premium car washes we have doubled your time to get your car clean. Our extended car wash and vacuum times help provide you...